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since there’s seems to be a lot of new shawols, tag this with your first shinee comeback you’ve experienced~
pugs too turnt
1k *mine *gif *misc Lee Pace leepaceedit ayyyyyy *lee
gifs mine disney interesting k frozen Disneyedit PRINCE HANS frozenedit film: frozen ayyyyyy so I noticed this ooo oOOO Ooooh except he's really shutting her IN
my gif 1k * Teen Wolf daniel sharman ayyyyyy After after Show is it too early to post this
One Direction mine 1dedit pls reblog ayyyyyy
mine indie disposable Arctic Monkeys disposable camera vinyl 35mm Records am record player the undertones indie hahahahahhaha ayyyyyy lmao
gif mine all DJ 5h cc ab lauren jauregui fifth harmony camila cabello ally brooke normani kordei Dinah Jane lj nk booty poppin me and my girls ayyyyyy
random chile rosa espinoza rap chileno random weas chilean jaidefinichon randomweas.com perra culia talca lepipeh
mine africa morocco Maroc ayyyyyy it's my country yall it's a colourful country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ah man i'm so tired school is killing me yeh that's p much it lmao
mine Orphan Black mine: orphan black cosima niehaus cophine delphine cormier obedits questions of science do not speak as loud as my heart ayyyyyy why do i love to torture myself [screams from the rooftops] LOVE IS LOVE!!!!!! can't wait for more tears and pain and heartbreak in S2 :DDD
mine larry but yeah manip who cares larry manip larry kissing ayyyyyy what do you think about it?? im not sure about the colors though
G Dragon Seungri jiyong bigbang BB:gifs mybigbangedit look i didnt forget the link this time ayyyyyy
1k bap b.a.p zelo yongguk himchan jongup youngjae ot6 daehyun junhong LOE2014 loe chicago daematos:gifs daematos:bapgifs check on daematos:all b.a.p: slaying fans since 2012 testing the new gif limit ayyyyyy but of course once i upload the quality is crap otl
my edits ok The Avengers Thor loki I Promise thor 2 Thor: The Dark World Thor 2 spoilers im sorry ill never make cam rip gifs ever again this is the one time one and only and forever also more marina and the diamonds lyrics ayyyyyy
gif MY EDIT woody <3 Bastille dan smith Kyle Simmons will farquarson chris woody wood sunshine of my life WOODY'S WEARING MY HAT IN THIS AYYYYYY BABE
myart Korra legend of korra korra spoilers ? lok mako ming hua is that her name i forget BUT what is perspective I don't know?
my gifs anna frozen hans jack frost Princess Anna elsa queen elsa ayyyyyy jelsa frozen au royalfrost the last gif is my fave I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF FOR MAKING THIS TOOK ME THREE HOURS WUT GO AWAY GIRL WHO RUNS THIS BLOG OKAY BYEEEEE