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every time you tell your daughter you yell at her out of love you teach her to confuse anger with kindness which seems like a good idea...
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dean winchester onionchester %spn %spnsets 6.02 dad of the year still crying about it how he goes from ooh awkward a baby to i totally got this guys give dean a baby campaign 2012 i ate a burger and painted my toes while i made this that's called multitasking
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mine Aang zuko avatar the last airbender iroh legend of korra tenzin roku hakoda i know tophs dad is evil but hey he did have a awesome daughter i know this is a bad gif set kinda did it in a hurry xD dont repost this or else reposting is bad you will be on santas anughty list naughty* i know i forgot a lot of fathers but yea i was lazy..
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That awkward moment Korra and Tenzin have a father-daughter moment, and you realize it's also a fath...