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High school is memorizing facts that you’ll forget in two days for a test on information that probably will not affect your job in ten...
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Motivation & Organization:Motivation Charm BagStorm Witch’s Motivation Potpourri Flames Within (for Motivation and Passion) Study Success SpellHerbs for Studying and SchoolCharm to Light A Fire Under Your Ass “I’m Tired, I’m Dying” Tea SpellWorker Bee Spell for Productivity Stones for School and...
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• Headphones • 3 interesting facts about yourself • a slightly exaggerated story about what you did this summer
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  • Underclass:Pencils??? 7 notebooks?? 7 folders?? Highlighters??? Binders??? Sheet protectors???
  • Seniors:Here I am
new school year did you mean:
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  • HS teachers:There's still a minute left of class, sit down!
  • College professors:There's 15 mins left, but I'm done teaching so bye.
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When you’re not ready to go back to school but you go anyways for Nicki
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Back to school (Avengers addition)
Waking up: Walking in school: Seeing all your friends: Seeing all your enemies: Seeing whose in your homeroom: Lunch: Hearing about the new hot kid: Sitting through all your classes: Dealing with everyone for the rest of the year:
back to school masterpost!!!!  a lot of my friends are heading back to school really soon. so i thought it’d be nice to put together something for them. if you’re reading this, you’re going to be fine. everything will turn out okay!!!!! ^u^ you may not feel as ready as some of your...