• basically crying right now •
do you ever just sit around in cosplaylike you just put it ontheres no eventno ones coming over you just want to wear it 
when a really good storyline is ruined by an unnecessary/forced romantic subplot
Reblog if you're crying right now.
gif Zayn Malik mine mr. malik I'm crying right now
doctor who matt smith request my stuff crying still RORY IS SERIOUSLY MY GPOY RIGHT NOW
saint young men actual manga right here
Korra legend of korra mako Bolin Janet Varney
my gifs supernatural spngifs
my edits the vampire diaries delena not fair this is just do you cry a lot? im crying right now this way around sire bond suggested by the witch is so cruel i just couldn't even handle it when she was saying it he would have to leave everything behind and never see her again and before that basically compell her to forget about him and stop feelings whatever she feels??? this is not just sad but also very much not fair these are her feelings and this so-called setting free equals taking away any choice she has in the situation the bond exists because she loves him these are HER feelings she owns them i am making myself sad if this shit is ever going to happen im gonna kill myself
i need to take a 3 year break today was just 
  • Normal girl:*sigh* he will never notice me... *looks across the room*
  • Me:*sigh* he will never notice me... *looks across the ocean to South Korea*
mine :) CRYING SO HARD RIGHT NOW NGL kinda i edited the snape pic a teensy weensy bit needed a place to find this again too
September 17, 2009: November 29, 2012: We’ve waited: 1170 days 167 weeks 28, 080 hours 1,684,800 minutes and 101,088,000 seconds Enjoy it.  It’s been 3 years, 2 months, 13 days in the making.
when you’re crying your eyes out and someone asks if you’re ok
game of thrones bran stark again got *GOT got spoilers Jojen Reed just in case~ I AM SHIPPING SMALL CHILDREN also y'all should know by now i always get dialogue wrong i have terrible hearing okay but idec if this is right (((basically i'm just super chuffed for bran+reeds interaction ughhhhh)))
glee santana lopez rachel berry Quinn Fabray pezberry faberry [2] quinntana crying right now fapezberry DFHL;DFLDS;LJ they use to hate her and now look my babies are growing up