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13 Reasons Cats Are Basically Magic
from thedodo.com 1. All cats are born with innate ninja abilities. 2. They are the sneakiest of thieves, with no remorse.3. Felines are experts at hiding from you — well, sort of.4. Unbeknownst to many, cats can become liquid.5. They can morph into entirely new creatures whenever they feel like it...
season 8
  • person:*doesn't reply*
  • me:they hate me
  • me:i hate me
  • me:everyone hates me
basically what happened to smeagol when he found the one ring is what happened to me when i discovered the internet
  • monday:*oversleeps*
  • tuesday:*oversleepts*
  • wednesday:*oversleeps*
  • thursday:*oversleeps*
  • friday:*oversleeps*
  • saturday:*wakes up at 7am*
  • sunday:*wakes up at 7am*
  • Me:*types 'a'*
  • Browser:Did you mean "Archive of Our Own"?
  • Me:No!
  • Me:I do other things, you know? I am a complex, multi-facetted person with a variety of interests! It's not all fanfic!
  • Me:...
  • Me:Yes, I meant AO3.
            it’s a lot easier                                     to deal with l o n e l i n e s s                                                             when you pretend                                                                                     it’s by c h o i c e
  • Me:How far away is--
  • My parents:What concert are you looking into
If you’ve ever made a joke involving potatoes you’re not funny.
relatable basically
liam - boy you take home to mama louis - boy you sneak out at night with zayn - boy you can’t stay away from niall - the boy next door who has a crush on you harry - your sister
my life is just sex drugs and rock’n’roll minus the sex and the drugs
  • when people have food:hey sharing is caring
  • when I have food:get away from me you filthy animals
  • seniors:i hate freshmen
  • juniors:i hate freshmen
  • sophomores:i hate freshmen
  • freshmen:i hate freshmen
Supernatural, basically:
Most depressing show ever. Happiest cast ever.
Basically what happened
UU: uu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1m7dcbIKvlw
  • friend:this top is gorgeous
  • me:i'd buy it if it was in black
  • friend:what about this scarf?
  • me:if it was black
  • friend:this dress is AMAZING
  • me:pity it isn't black
  • friend:look at t-
  • me:i love that shade of black
  • ...