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queue dick grayson bruce wayne dc comics jason todd barbara gordon Damian Wayne cassandra cain tim drake stephanie brown Kate Kane batfamily sayu's edits
? Damian Wayne is afraid of Santa.
my gifs mine batman dc dick grayson jason todd barbara gordon tim drake dcedit arkham knight bat brats the last time i made a batfamily gifset people kept complaining about tim's face believe me i tried to find a cutscene in which he looks good and it wasn't easy
myedits dick grayson Selina Kyle bruce wayne jason todd barbara gordon Damian Wayne tim drake stephanie brown batfamily dcedit BatmanEdit
My art dick grayson bruce wayne Damian Wayne batfamily
Bruce Wayne: *brings home orphans*  Damian Wayne: *brings home animals* Jason Todd: *brings home attitude*
Christmas dick grayson Alfred Pennyworth bruce wayne barbara gordon cassandra cain tim drake batfamily
Friendly reminder that: Dick Grayson is of Romani descent Tim Drake was originally designed to be of Asian heritage Damian Wayne is of Arabic and Chinese descent from Talia Cassandra Cain is half Asian (Lady Shiva’s Nationality is ambiguous) Pre-52 Helena Bertinelli is Italian New-52 Helena Be...
my edits batman bruce wayne myers briggs 1k* dcedit batfam myers briggs batfam* mbti*
batman dick grayson batfamily dickbats Richard Grayson ruthgraphics
* batman batfamily Batfam dcedit cbm comic book meme comicedit
batman MY EDIT dc robin dick grayson Batgirl Alfred Pennyworth bruce wayne jason todd barbara gordon Damian Wayne helena bertinelli cassandra cain stephanie brown oracle Batfam awickedjoke tim dr
*gif young justice dcedit son of batman dca edit t batfamily
batman cosplay dc dc comics cassandra cain tim drake Red Robin batfamily black bat
* dc dc comics Kate Kane Batwoman batfamily cbm comic book meme
comics batman and robin robin starfire dc comics jason todd Damian Wayne arsenal Red Hood Red Hood and The Outlaws convergence Batman Eternal
My art robin dick grayson dc comics jason todd Nightwing Damian Wayne tim drake Red Hood Red Robin batfamily
mine cassandra cain batfamily wednesday spoilers dcedit comicedit
batman robin bruce wayne jason todd Nightwing Damian Wayne tim drake Red Hood Red Robin batfamily Richard Grayson
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