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* behind the scenes cast gal gadot by anna Batman v superman dccastedit ggadotedit
* behind the scenes gal gadot dcedit by anna Batman v superman ggadotedit
* ours Aquaman jason momoa bvs dceu
batman dc Superman wonder woman Captain America Deadpool Steve Rogers Marvel spider-man Daredevil bucky barnes Civil War rebirth mcu Hail Hydra Batman v superman dceu
1k mine Diana Prince mine: dc wonderwomanedit Batman v superman mine: bvs bvsedit dceuedit i am in love with her oh ym goooood axengers
batman dc comics robin dick grayson dc comics tim drake TFSH Texts From Superheroes
  • Nolan:Batman works alone. We're not bringing in the Robins or any of the Bat family. Bruce is on his own.
  • Ben Affleck:*rips open jacket to reveal World's Best Dad t-shirt*
  • Ben Affleck:Batdad is here.
photoshoot cillian murphy Gustavo Papaleo new photoshoot and interview!! Peaky Blinders press
batman Green Lantern flash justice league hal jordan barry allen HalBarry
batman Superman wonder woman Shakespeare bruce wayne Diana Prince lex luthor man of steel kal el Batman v superman Dawn of Justice Lex's Squad 2K16
the members of the Suicide Squad are confirmed to all have histories with Batman, so imagine the movie opening with a montage of Batman taking each one out while Ode to Joy plays
mine Amy Adams jesse eisenberg henry cavill gal gadot Ben Affleck Diane Lane hcavilledit dccastedit dceuedit affleckedit that conan interview was a sex fest
own harley quinn by laura harlivy harleyquinnedit
celebrities film movies melissa mccarthy arts box office
i like to imagine that clark kent’s search history is mostly normal but then there’s stuff like “improved superman costume concept art” because he wanted ideas
mine Ben Affleck suicide squad dceuedit affleckedit
* gifs bruce wayne i love him so much batman beyond thorlokid batbey* after 84 years i finally made this gifset
my gif gif gifs film batman vintage comics batman gif bomb Adam West batman the movie batman 1966
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