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Writing Robots
When we think of robots we think of this little cutie or the disguised type that Michael Bay likes to blow up in his Transformers movies, but it doesn’t have to end there. Here’s the low-down on some other automated amigos. Types Androids: Man-made creations designed to look and act like humans. Au...
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What if someone scared a robot and the robot tried to scream, but it was just a bunch of loud awful dial-up tones.
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robots leaking oil (^?^) robots giving off little jolts of electricity (??? ) robots with cracked eye optics (´ ? ` )? robots with glitchy voices (???) robots coughing because there’s dust in their ventilation systems (????) robots with exposed wires and tech ??? androids with exposed wires an...
what if you were cooking with a robot and asked them to please crack the eggs for you and they happily said “right away!” and then proceeded to smash all of the eggs against your counter top
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robots getting really concerned when a human yawns and then another human does as well and wondering if this is some sort of group signal that they need to respond to so they just awkwardly go “aaaaaa” to try and imitate them robots jumping and getting really scared when a human sneezes ...
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a robot being asked to talk dirty, and it spends the next hour talking about literal dirt
tbh i dont get why most people assume that robots are always cold like have u felt a laptop while its working? its kinda not exactly cold yo tbh any piece of machinery thats working hard to function is usually not cold, the only time its ever cold is when its turned off so id like to think while a r...
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you know what’s great? robots especially blushing robots robots blushing by doing something like deepening their optic color robots overheating slightly as they blush and buzzing as their cooling fans whirr faster
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robots confirmed for fucking cheaters
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