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BB8 does his best Chewbacca impression
BB-8 when upset:  frantic beeps and boopsR2-D2 when upset:  SCCRRRRREEEEEEEAAAAACHBB-8 translation:  “oh me oh my oh dear oh no,,”R2-D2 translation: “FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUAAAAACCKCK”
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bb8 is bbgr8 reblog if u agree
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Poe is just so nice to BB-8 that I imagine he’s like that to all droids. And you know BB-8 always talks him up to the other droids too, like “I have the best Master! He is good and kind and mine!” Imagine the droids deciding to investigate and finding that they like this human, that he is Good and h...
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