• bb8 •
star wars bb8 bb 8
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you thought i was joking
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ok. I made a long-form version of Jean Ralphio’s amazing tal...
mine star wars VII st TFA swedit bb8 The Force Awakens i cant believe im already giffing sw bb8 has probably been giffed to death but i just.had to. the real star of this movie
  • poe dameron:wow the stars are beautiful
  • finn:yeah they are
  • poe:do you know who else is beautiful?
  • finn:*blushes* who?
  • rey walking behind them:bb-8
  • finn & poe:that's true
star wars my stuff movieedit swedit bb8 starwarsedit FYSW bb8edit this is just silly but i love me some bb8
gif * star wars mystuff iamnevertheone bb8 FYSW The Force Awakens deadhpool userhansolo ianmckllen bb8 is so so cute i love that droid so much (i'm not really satisfied with that coloring but hey!)
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Fanart sketchbook finn rey bb8 star wars the force awakens poe dameron next week I'll prob draw more silly Star Wars sketches
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