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? Edit: The 2000th reblog can have a picture of me doing anything you want (within reason) inmy sherlock cosplay!
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  • sherlock fandom:ITS A ROOM
  • other fandoms:what
  • sherlock fandom:ITS A ROOM YOU GUYS A ROOM A--
  • other fandoms:i dont understand what do you mean what
  • sherlock fandom:IT IS. A ROOM. IT IS. AN EMPTY. ROOM.
  • other fandoms:what i dont--
  • sherlock fandom:IT BEGINS
  • other fandoms:
  • ...
You hear that Off in the distance¬† It’s the Sherlock fandom They are approaching Shouting their battle cry: Filming starts in two weeks
Usually, shows go temporarily on hiatus while Sherlock goes temporarily off hiatus
Reblog/Like for BBC Sherlock
Hey guys, I’d like to do a little experiment here. Simple really, reblog/like if you’re a fan of the BBC Sherlock show.¬† The equivalent post for the CBS Elementary is found here. As you can probably assume, I am comparing amount of fan base of each show.¬†
The entire Sherlock fandom is sustained on the ridiculous belief that it’s perfectly normal to edit and reblog the same exact screencaps in hundreds of different ways
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[Sherlock] is a series about a detective - it’s not a detective series. The story of the week is nothing compared to the relationship ...
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The minute I started reading the [Sherlock] script, I thought, ‘Yeah, this is going to be a lot of fun.’ And then, I met with ...
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