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my stuff hp jily 1000plus fml marauders hpedits 5000plus 10kplus kelly*hp marauderedits kelly*marauders i just really needed harry to be able to be annoyed at his parents because parents who are annoying are parents who are ALIVE
doctor who mine otp David Tennant Billie Piper Rose Tyler crying ten Tenth Doctor babies No Doubt yes They are rose x ten dwedit oh stop it don't you? I love you two so much otp number one golden stars you really going to spend the eternity with me oh you're really in love with me let's not talk about how much in love they are because somewhere in the universe they are together and still love each other now look at his face he looks at her like and she said yes so quickly and now you two are stuck in a parallel universe but everything will be ruined in the 50th I feel it no matter what happens you will be together forever favorites forever
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"Steven Moffat doesn't write strong, independent female characters."
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you know what would be really fucking great if sam and castiel got some goddamn dialogue together
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Words would only get you so far, actions will show people who you really are.
scary doctor who horror not really doctor weeping angel dont blink count the shadows Are you my mummy look behind you
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Justin Timberlake delicious cullen Youre welcome ramen dragon age dragon age 2 bioware da Templars instant noodles twinsies what are we doing i know you want this we should sleep Knight-Captain Cullen knight-commander cullen commander cullen im sorry cullen was i really the only one thinking this why do i have a friend who did this at the same time i still love you cullen filling the niche you didnt know you needed to be filled in your soul
Some of you are going to find this exceptionally perverse, but: I just want a post-Nogitsune story where Stiles and Derek go on lots of 1950s style dates and don’t have sex. At the end of every outing, they exchange one closemouthed kiss, smile shyly at one another, and then say goodnight.(Bec...
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