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21 Beautiful Words
Adoxography: Beautiful writing with a subject of little or no importance. Nepenthe: Something that can make you forget grief or suffering. Oneirataxia: The inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Eunoia: Beautiful thinking; a well mind. Psithurism: The sound of wind blowing through tre...
Beautiful German
As a german who speaks quite fluent english I have internally complained a lot of times for the lack of certain words in english which are common nature in german. Therefor I decided to make a list of beautiful german words.Wunderschön- Wunder = Miracle- Schön = Beautiful-> Translating to miracul...
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Why choosing “beautiful” shouldn’t be about aesthetics.
When I was 15 years old, I went to the dentist, and he told me a number of things about myself that were wrong. First, he told me, “You have yellow teeth, try some whitening strips.” So I went home, and begged my mom for whitening strips. They didn’t work. 5 years later in theatre school my program ...
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