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At a lecture I was giving in a large West Coast university in the Spring of 2008, the female students talked extensively about how much they...
  • Me:*puts on makeup*
  • Boy:who are you trying to impress *dousing self in gallons of axe*
You don’t go in expecting to be shat on the way you will be, especially if you’re on video, because a lot of people come to you with expecta...
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I don’t like when I try on clothes and then it doesn’t fit because that makes me really mad and then I just give up and say I wa...
"Boys don’t know what it feels like to hate themselves and their body" "Boys are not pressured whatsoever to conform to beauty standards" "Only girls develop EDs or resort to starving themselves just to look good" "Boys do not get judged or shamed for their looks or body whatsoever" "Only ...
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why is it that when a latina overfills their lips they are a “chola” but when white girls start to do it, its a trend?how come a black person’s dreads automatically make them look like they smell like patchouli oil and weed and are branded dirty thugs, but when a white person does it, it’s boho chic...
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Trying to fit society's beauty standards
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beauty standards
Racism sexism feminism fuck society's beauty standards
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kpop fans: omg objectification of white women in block b’s mv teaser :-((kpop fans: korean men are sooo hot omfg why can’t I be in korea???? annyeonhaseyo!!!! ???? oppa saranghae~