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Getting ready for bed.
Illustration doodle digital Alex Wilson artists on tumblr alexinatree
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i need to go to bed ughhhhh madi draws things Tango 2016 it's too late omgcheckplease eric bittle omgcp idk this new one's full name sorryyyy derek nurse idk if it's ooc for nursey to be the one telling him but i just wanted to draw him and he already gave tango brain pains once why not twice i think i just made a really bad joke.......... edit: I FORGOT NURSEY'S TATTOO i'm not editing
love quotes romance books together Reading Literature saudade Ernest Hemingway in bed sehnsucht a moveable feast bright stars Open Windows
me self sleep coffee bed tattoos sun ink spring sunday morning Sweden rose tattoo InkedUp tattooedguy
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LGBT transgender trans ftm Trans Man tdov trans stuff transgender day of visibility real live trans adult trans day of visibility tdov 2016
Do you think there’s an exercise culture anywhere in the Shire? Do you think there’s like a handful of hobbits who are uncomfortably swole 
art frida kahlo artists on tumblr Frida lazypacific
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