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F.R.I.E.N.D.S Phoebe Buffay ross geller Monica Geller the one where ross got high
tech science nasa Mark Zuckerberg mars rover chris hadfield Ahmed Mohamed I Stand With Ahmed homemade clock Doug Ellison
* behind the scenes cast gal gadot by anna Batman v superman dccastedit ggadotedit
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The official trailer for Hidden Figures is here! HIDDEN FIGU...
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The boy behind the “success kid” meme is all grown up — and trying to use his viral fame to save his...
Remember this little guy? His name’s Sam Griner. On Aug. 26, 2007 his mom took a photo of him at 11-months-old, standing on the beach in a green and white shirt, staring into the camera and making a determined little fist. Soon after, the photo morphed into the “Success Kid” meme, and Sam was Intern...
Ignorant people make me mad
* behind the scenes gal gadot dcedit by anna Batman v superman ggadotedit
One of the best scenes from Pocahontas.
harry potter lit concept art creatures The Creature Vault
Baseball cws TCU Horned Frogs but still) okay I swear uh to not make any more gifs for baseball (crosses fingers behind back) but look at these goofballs (and yeah the bajillion hat thing isn't specifically for the 12th inning they do it a lot
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