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s3 parks and recreation leslie knope ben wyatt Ron Swanson 3.16 parksedit it's gonna be a bumpy ride to this summit meeting
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1k $ ben wyatt Ron Swanson 3k parksedit scheduled ben x ron dailypawnee mrbenwyatt ron's little phone strap :-)
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Malcolm x black america new job code switching ben carson
request parks and recreation leslie knope ben wyatt s4 4.01 parksedit look at her face in the 4th gif!!!! also this becomes much sweeter/sadder when you remember ben knew they'd have to break up at this point so he was just trying to do the sweetest boyfriend things for her while he still could
photoshoot Ben Whishaw harry carr so it goes magazine
my gifs star wars parks and recreation leslie knope ben wyatt and others parksedit parksandrecedit AND NO ONE IS SURPRISED I MADE THIS MY FAVORITE SHOW + FAVORITE MOVIES :'))) i didnt include ron's 'is sw the one with the wizard boy' bc it's not really a reference also the filibuster guy had more lines about sw but couldnt fit it all in 10 gifs LOL 80% OF THESE ARE JUST MY HUSBAND BEN WYATT BEING A CUTE NERD I LOVE HIM
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someone fund this x
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