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Stephen Sondheim - YouTube Pro-Shots
A Little Night Music  (New York City Opera 1990 with George Lee Andrews, Sally Ann Howes, Maureen Moore, Michael Maguire, Regina Resnick, Kevin Anderson, Beverly Lambert, Susan Terry and Danielle Fredland)Full show___Company (2011 New York Philharmonic Concert Pro-Shot with Neil Patrick Harris, Step...
In its first weekend, “Into the Woods” [the movie] was seen by four times the amount of people than those who saw both Broadway ...
* Darren Criss bernadette peters stop this is so cute Tonys 15
Live your life like a Stephen Sondheim musical- Strong, Poignant, and with at least one cameo by Bernadette Peters
gif my gifs smash Megan Hilty bernadette peters this was my fave crack show I'm so sad now mother of the year tbh
1k twitter hamilton bernadette peters Lin Manuel lin manuel miramda sorry but this was too good not to post has someone posted it already?
Broadway Andrew Rannells susan blackwell bernadette peters people: andrew rannells people: susan blackwell
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seriously though into the woods drop dead gorgeous how is this even possible bernadette peters i'm sure she ages backwards
Broadway stephen sondheim into the woods bernadette peters last midnight
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This is Anna Chlumsky’s interview, but pay attention to Bern...
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~ Darren Criss bernadette peters tonys 2015 i cant ostp laughign got the spelling right in the end
Mean Girls ooc Audra McDonald patti lupone bernadette peters you can't sit with us sondheim birthday concert ladies in red
Meryl Streep gifset emily blunt Anna Kendrick into the woods James corden Chip Zien Joanna Gleason look what i made Daniel Huttlestone bernadette peters lilla crawford into the woods movie Danielle Ferland don't talk to me about that movie
mine into the woods bernadette peters itwedit SACRAFICE THE NARRATOR TO THE GIANT this musical is amazing in all the best ways
film mine Kenya Disneyedit bernadette peters Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella stepmother this movie is So Important maidmarians cinderellarevival i've been wanting to make this for a while because her face is so serious and omg like it's such a cold thing to say