• best parents of 2014 totally goes to daisuga •
My art thank you waifu Haikyuu!! sawamura daichi sugawara koushi daisuga best parents of 2014 totally goes to daisuga hands down ppl srsly i cant believe its canon that daichi is suga's fanboy im proud of you my waifu ;w; here's for the anons who asked for daisuga
gif funny anime kageyama tobio Haikyuu!! sawamura daichi sugawara koushi Kei Tsukishima daisuga shoyo hinata Yu Nishinoya this part is v important to me suga is best the senpais are all best
mine running man song ji hyo lee kwang soo best guy rm:175 rm:161 manner kwang soo rm:123 his parents must be so proud rm:28 rm:92 rm:177 rm:171 rm:21 rm:117
art comic Haikyuu!! sawamura daichi sugawara koushi daisuga daisuga week And YES I ship them I admit it I also read haikyuu
My art Haikyuu!! sugawara koushi daisuga I'm so late with everything ok I am definently not gonna tag all of them happy father's day to Daichi though
the best of new york goes to work
I kinda have this headcanon that Hiccup and Astrid didn’t tell their kids how  Hiccup lost his leg for the first few years, but instead would use it as a potential future consequence for misbehaving.  Like, “Eat your vegetables.”“I DON’T WANNA EAT MY VEBATEGELS!”“I didn’t either when I was your age....
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art Haikyuu!! sawamura daichi sugawara koushi daisuga daisuga week
okay so you know this article no one’s pointed it out yet so i’m going to but ????????? dad and mom i dont believe this
That moment when you're so sure of something then it totally goes wrong.
supernatural spn spoilers spnedit stuff: gif stuff: spn blood cw alcohol cw 10x08 donna hanscum donna had the best lines trying not to swear she's totally the kind of person who'd say fudge s: sheriff sunshine
haikyuu sorry for the long post kagehina asanoya daisuga tsukiyama tanakaxhimself I just wanted to draw karasuno babes so
hq at arttag tsukishima kei haikyuu Yamaguchi Tadashi sawamura daichi sugawara koushi tanaka ryunosuke daisuga tsukiyama part two of the dumb shit
joey amazing YuGiOh best cosplay
Haikyuu!! sawamura daichi sugawara koushi pacific rim au daisuga daisuga week i got kinda lazy for the second one cause i didn't have good refs for a bg and opening up the movie slowed my computer down so... I live for pacific rim aus ya hear
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Reasons why Kill La Kill is not a good anime
1. It is not beyblades 2. They don’t have beyblades in the show 3. No spinning tops at all 4. Beyblades is the best anime
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