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The Houses and how they get angry/insult people:
Gryffindor: hot, overwhelming anger. short fuse. fire and bombs in your chest. usually blows over quickly for little things, but if they’re deeply hurt they can stay angry forever. Insults while mad tend to be yelled and choked out through rage; they generally find it difficult to think properly whi...
rain Window
art sculpture animals andrew ceramics beth cavener Cross Connect
Marc Jacobs beth ditto spring 2016 rtw
sculpture animals artist sculptor beth cavener
art sculpture animals surreal
my edits my gifs helena meh oh well Orphan Black tatiana maslany alison hendrix sarah manning katja obinger beth childs obedits obedit rachel duncan cosima neihaus jennifer fitzsimmons Tony Sawicki project leda Krystal Goderitch didn't turn out how i intended almost didn't post it lol
art sculpture popular life design featured wildlife Sculptures culture Beth Cavener Stichter wordsnquotes
  • psychic:*reads mind*
  • my mind:jesus hot sauce christmas cake lets party like we're fucking pornstars understand the palm of my hand bitch that scared the blue outta my pants take her to the bone zone
  • psychic:what the fuck
My art anyways fan art feels ow Rick and Morty Rick Sanchez beth sanchez dad rick smol beth
Library dublin Ireland trinity college The Long Hall
I have no control over what people think of me but I have one-hundred percent control of what I think of myself.
Illustration art vintage design indie contemporary art surrealism collage graphic design surreal digital art modern contemporary art prints modern art Surreal Art society6 wordsnquotes bestofsociety6 best of society6 BETH HOECKEL COLLAGE & DESIGN
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mine 1000 gifset fun home beth malone photoshop crashed im done
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