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Different types of Beth fans
The sensitive ones who spend their days crying while looking at sad edits and/or watching Still and Alone The delusional team who keep coming up with new theories to prove Beth’s alive The ones who try to try to keep it cool and accept Beth’s death The angry ones who want to murder ev...
Once some guy mentioned that when i laugh my mouth looks really weird and now whenever i laugh around people i don’t know 100% i cover my lower face with my hands. A girl who didn’t like one of my friends told her that her eyes squint different sizes when she smiles, and now whenever she’s happy she...
Beth sacrificing herself to stop Dawn felt more like the show needed a major character death to close out the half-season rather than someth...
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It’s hard to remember that it wasn’t actually Beth we saw on Saturday night. That it was Sarah’s interpretation of Beth. Sarah’s Beth smiles and makes tea and gets angry (like Sarah). Sarah’s Beth is the hero Sarah doesn’t think she can be (but needs to). Sarah&rs...
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Reblog if you’re still Team Beth
(Not) just out of curiosity, trying to figure out how many people are still willing to fight for her)
Those who don't wanna keep (probably totally false) hopes up, DON'T READ THIS! I MEAN IT! DO NOT REA...
And those who think they’re in denial, they feel stupid, but they can’t help it, and wanna read a long-long post about the last piece of hope, well… go ahead, but be aware that with still hopes up 5B can be much more painful. And I feel so stupid over-analyzing everything, and I do...
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