• big shoutout to people who do this •
people who randomly decide to compliment you are so important
shoutout to skinny people who
- don’t feel comfortable in their bodies - are frequently asked if they are anorexic/bulimic by friends/family/strangers - frequently have to accept and respond to “i wish i was as skinny as you” without knowing how - have eating disorders, including binging ones - are males that f...
mine important shoutout ferguson
twitter the words of a lost girl white girls do it better shoutout to Twitter one time shoutout to all of my black queens and my black kings just shoutout to all of my black people
assassins creed artstoof Connor Kenway haytham kenway asscreed 3 move over leonardo connor is in town big shoutout to people who came to the LS!! YOU GUYS ARE RAD
Shoutout to the actual nice people on tumblr. Positive vibes
Carmilla Series (2014) Lets get this all up in everyone...
when u make a funny post while ur mutuals are online and it gets zero notes
shoutout to black muslims who have to deal with rampant antiblackness and islamaphobia together. u r...
shoutout to the people surprised that a white billionaire is a racist.
Shoutout to all the friendless people staying in tonight
Shoutout to all the biracial people
Shoutout to all the biracial people who have to “pick a race”. Shoutout to biracial people who’s heritage is invalid because of the colour of their skin. Shout out to the biracial people who feel comfortable nowhere, those who don’t look like either of their families, to those ignored completely. Yo...
Shoutout to the girls with amazing pussy who stay lowkey about it
Shoutout to all the girls who just want their hair pulled and ass smacked
1k pretty little liars pll mine* pllgif plledit do i like this idk stonerclone shoutout to jess for helping me find the eps for this
This is a shout out to all the black people who do not feel safe, confident, or personally ready to ...
Y’all beautiful, even if we can’t see you on #blackout, we love you.
* doctor who jenna louise coleman the snowmen clara oswin oswald
* disney Disneyedit Big Hero 6 this is honestly so ugly i hate giffing youtube videos
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