• big shoutout to people who do this •
people who randomly decide to compliment you are so important
assassins creed artstoof Connor Kenway haytham kenway asscreed 3 move over leonardo connor is in town big shoutout to people who came to the LS!! YOU GUYS ARE RAD
Shoutout to the actual nice people on tumblr. Positive vibes
when u make a funny post while ur mutuals are online and it gets zero notes
shoutout to the people surprised that a white billionaire is a racist.
Shoutout to all the girls who just want their hair pulled and ass smacked
Shoutout to the girls with amazing pussy who stay lowkey about it
1k doctor who mine:photoset dwedit Shoutout to tumblr users Jimrabbit and twopipeproblem for telling me I'd missed one Oh my god I love Eleven so much I actually really like this photoset
Shoutout to the Supernatural fandom for being bros to Whovians right now
for every reblog i’ll write your url down?  pls guys i’m bored
* doctor who jenna louise coleman the snowmen clara oswin oswald
doctor who matt smith David Tennant Christopher Eccleston photorealism angelcreationsart
Fanart jj jones Achievement Hunter RoosterTeeth gavin free michael jones ray narvaez jr Geoff Ramsey Jack Pattillo ryan haywood Lindsay Tuggey lstu caleb denecour wow this took longer than I thought it would shoutout to the people sending me lovely messages saying they were looking forward to the finished piece! I hope I drew them well especially the people I've never drawn before uwu
cabin pressure Martin Crieff arthur shappey douglas richardson Carolyn KnappShappey i've always wanted to know how many people are in the fandot and i intend to find out do iiiit
Larry Stylinson mine mine: gifs lourry peggingzayn purriedwards mine: 1d gifs povverbottoms still dont know what the tags people track are alt. title: shoutout to everyone who thinks h/l arent friends or boyfriends but ya know thats a whole different issue
1k my edits ian mckellen LOTR The Lord of the Rings gandalf lotredit
crapsketball: halvingthetimeofmylife: always-our-boys: obsessivelygalahad: h...
I wish more than anything that directioners would do something useful with their power to make trend...
Firefly my graphic 4 my picspam my graphic:firefly i got people with me people who trust each other who do for each other and ain’t always looking for the advantage been having this idea in my head for days now~ ok off to watch the special wish me luck~