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Theoretically every single gem in existence could fuse if they all got into one massive conga line
I’m starting a non-profit that will give young men any book besides 1984. Literally any other book. For the love of god, read a second book.
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in the park, i think seungri beat on shit
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Don’t lie one of the best things in this damn film was how Fred’s butler literally couldn’t give less of a fuck about anythingTied up? Run around by a girl in a super suit? Whatever.Marshmallow man wants a bro fist? Makes the weirdest frickin noise? No shits given.
1k big time rush :)) okay too many gifs :DD bloopin edits ive been making this for the last hour i think omfg
  • 2NE1
  • Cl:I think you have to be who you truly are and love who you are to be beautiful
  • Dara:There were times when I felt like a slump or lonely but I never thought of giving up
  • Bom:From the outside I seem happy a lot. But. I’m a human and it’s not possible to always be happy
  • Minzy:When things get difficult, we find people to lean against, when we lose our way, we sit on the ground and cry. People are children, living with hidden innocence
  • Big Bang
  • G-dragon:A song can’t change the world. But the song can change his three minutes. His three minutes can change his three hours. his three hours can change his three days. his three days can change his three months. his three months can change his three years. his three years can change his life. his life can change peoples’ lives. and people can change the world
  • Taeyang:The pain that you are suffering now will finally become the nutrients of your life.
  • ...
is throwing shade a rhetorical device
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