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robbie gravity falls this show is perfect toctoc bill cipher stanley pines stan twin theory six of eight of this mysteries are totally canon there's other secrets too like the one that soos knows
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gravity falls dipper pines mabel pines this is my favorite episode toctoc dreamscaperers bill cipher it's visually stunning
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gravity falls dipper's guide to the unexplained
IOU Explanation – 53-8-92 – Grimm’s Fairy Tales Cipher
We know that Moriarty leaves Grimm’s Fairy Tales as a clue for Sherlock to find the abducted children. But what if he also leaves this book as a clue to the IOU riddle?   It’s obvious that Sherlock doesn’t believe for one second in the binary code – the “code” he’s tapping out in Bart’s is completel...
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Bill Nye the Science Guy
-Season 11. Flight2. The Earth’s Crust3. Dinosaurs4. Skin5. Buoyancy6. Gravity7. Digestion8. Phases of Matter9. Biodiversity10. Simple Machines11. The Moon12. Sound13. Garbage14. Structures15. Earth’s Seasons16. Light and Colour17. Cells18. Electricity19. Outer Space20. Eyeballs -Season...
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