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The day I decided to lose weight destroyed my life in more ways than I could ever have imagined.
[An eating disorder] is, at the most basic level, a bundle of deadly contradictions: a desire for power that strips you of all power. A gest...
me in a nutshell: my weight is unacceptable my body is repulsive the amount i eat is appallingĀ 
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what the fuck
Tyler Oakley doesn’t deserve to have a book. A book about what? How to work a webcam? How to have a lisp? How to polish your glasses? How to tweet? How to use YouTube? I’m confused. I think this might be the most goddamn boring thing ever released. It’s called BINGE… reall...
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I’m not struggling with my weight, I’m struggling with my mind. If I loved myself more my weight wouldn’t be a problem.
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An eating disorder isn’t about losing weight. It’s about losing who you were, who you are and being taken over by something evil...
Depression is more than simply feeling unhappy or fed up for a few days.
After a binge when not in the Fitblr community : After a binge when in the Fitblr community :
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