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(x) *finishes ME3 for the first time* … *starts up ME1*
(x) I think out of all the races in Mass Effect the Volus are my least favorite. I think there’s only one or two in the whole trilogy that isn’t whiny and cowardice. Does anyone actually like the Volus?
  • me:*completes incredibly minor fetch quest*
  • me:*goes to speak to every companion to see if they have new dialogue*
  • What I say:how can I make a balanced party
  • What I mean:who wants to come along with my LI and I
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  • what the dialogue option says:you're so cute!
  • what it says if you choose it:it's so cute that you think living garbage like you even has the right to speak to me... frankly how dare you
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"Hey I wonder what's happening on the Bioware forums!"
Who was your first Bioware love interest???
The plot of a Bioware game:
1. Fuck up everything 2. Befriend some misfits 3. Solve their life problems 4. Save the world
  • bioware:so yeah we have some more gay and bi characters for this game
  • straight men:i came out to have a good time and i’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.
  • warden:*cricket noises*
  • shepard:eat my entire ass
  • hawke:i guess???
  • inquisitor:oh i got a fucking opinion alright
if the warden showed up in the trespasser dlc and overheard Solas’ stupid plan
me right now thank you bioware
GameInformer: “What You Need To Know About Skyhold” OMG it sounds AWEEESOME
On Gaming's Gay Agenda
So I did a talk at GDC recently, wherein I discussed how issues of sexuality in BioWare games have tied into larger discussions of inclusivity in gaming: not only of our gay fans, but gamers of colour, women… any group that games are not traditionally aimed at. How inclusivity is not only a m...
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