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Black tumblr Reblog with your State, Or your Location outside the States, & go through the notes follow and message someone with the same State (or whatever). Meet new people ^.^ -Don’t participate if you don’t follow back(If you don’t got the new messaging system “Ask” or fanmail me and I’ll gi...
Tumblr has taught me:
- to love myself - to love my skin color - whats going on in society - what black people go through - what black people went through - what school hasn’t taught me - black culture - to be confident - that I’m safer without the police Thank you, Tumblr.
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I had a friend who said there were no black people on tumblr. Reblog this post so we can find each other, follow each other and create a network of black tumblrians!
I wonder how many black people are on tumblr.
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dear Black Tumblr
You did not come first.You did not invent the wheel.You did not invent the concept of eating food.You are not God’s gift to the universe.You are not better than white people or any people, period.Yes, their is prejudice and racism. But you do not have the right to decide what that is.You are 50 time...
The first black-owned comic book store on the East Coast is owned and managed by a black woman named Ariell Johnson!!!(In an interview with Philly.com) "We will be a legit store, so expect to see the heavy hitters that we all know and love,“ she said. "But in addition to those usual ...
Where are the 25+ black Tumblr???
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Black Tumblr, I will keep repeating myself.
There is NOWHERE on earth for us right now. Not Even Africa. We need to build our own communities, and start there. Right now, we have nowhere to go. We need to start our own communities. If we had control of our own finances and communities, we could keep our brothers and sisters off of the news. 
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trans cis gay straight i don’t give a fuck I just need to follow more Black women 
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We should have a Black Tumblr turn up night!
It would be a night where all Black Tumblr bloggers would post videos of them turning up. This includes: ·Videos of you dancing ·Videos of you vibing to music ·Taking Shots lol ???? ·However you like turn up Basically one big ass internet Party! This should be fun ????