• block B •
bbc myedits block B zico Taeil Park Kyung P.O kyung po p.o. BlockB block b kyung block b po block b taeil block b zico parkkyung zico block b
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mine kpop 1kplus block B b bomb u kwon ahn jaehyo kim yukwon b: block b
can i just take a moment to say how proud and happy and utterly excited i am over the fact that bbcs rejoice over blockbap with gifs and edits rather than calling b.a.p out for “copying” nillili mambo i mean serIOUSLY WHERE ELSE WOULD IN KPOP WOULD YOU FIND SUCH NICE INTERACTION BETWEEN ...
gif 1k babies block B zico Taeil ukwon Bbomb block b gif mv: jackpot WELCOME TO SYNCHRONIZED BLOCK B DANCING
  • zico:lmfao sWAG im swag rly swag lmfao look at my mixtapes liSTEN TO MY FUCKING MIXTAPES im f*****g swag [whispers in ur ear] s w a g
  • kyung:lmf a o im rly fuckin gr8 i wanna kiss everyone bbcs i lov u all evryone marry me i m the best i fell into a mixture of gre ase
  • ukwon::D ((my girlfriend is also hotter than urs))
  • bbomb:im just ognna post a noteher picture shu t up i do what i want
  • jaehyo:im pRETTY TELL ME IM PRETTY...pl..ease
  • p.o.:lOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL im the youngest i swear to go d
  • taeil :i hate every single one of you why am i here
mine block B zico Woo Jiho block b gif block b bbc block b world camp
my gifs block B zico kyung gif: Block B zikyung oh oh~~hahaha!
block B U-Kwon u kwon gif: Block B gifkp
gif 1k babies block B block b gif my kings ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDING
gif 1k block B Jaehyo kyung block b gif my kings jaekyung
gif block B bbom all 4 caitlyn project make caitlyn stan block b
gif 1k block B Pyo p.o. mv:tell them block b giff
Ot7 block B zico Taeil Jaehyo P.O ukwon Bbomb kyung gif: Block B
gif 1k babies block B block b gif my kings TEASER: JACKPOT
  • Block B:we need a storyline for the new mv
  • Block B:what crimes have we not committed yet
Members of block b are honestly the worst criminals ever
Nillili Mambo: they steal a diamond and lose it Very good: they rob a bank and leave with no money Jackpot: they kidnap a girl and then just let her go
gif 1k block B zico Such a cutie better with sound omg g: block b