disney myedit the little mermaid Disneyedit disneyyandmore tlmedit princess meme i feel like everyone always emphasizes Ariel and Erics relationship and don't get me wrong those two are cute but I really don't think the movie is supposed to be focused on the love story of Ariel and Eric if it was I probably wouldn't love it as much as I do because the exploration of ariel and triton's strained relationship is what makes this movie so beautiful at the start they barely understand each other ariel desperately wants to set her own rules and live in a new world and triton desperately wants to protect her but everytime they try to talk to each other nothing gets across he doesn't understand why she wants to know so much about humans and she doesn't understand why the human world is so bad this lack of proper communication leads to the destruction of the grotto that scene is so important and so incredibly powerful because triton realizes the extent of what he's done and ariel's dreams have literally been smashed and so ariel runs away thinking her father hates her and tuns to ursula in desperate measures to find a world that will accept her and triton finally sees that maybe just maybe he was wrong and he has to make things right so when he sees ariel on that rock he gets it: that she is growing up she's independent and she has to make her own decisions even if he doesn't approve and ariel does realize that her father does love her that he never stopped loving her oHMYGOD IM GETTING SO EMOTIONAL PLEASE DONT CONSIDER THIS MOVIE AS JUST A CUTE ROMANTIC FILM IT IS SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT IT IS SO MUCH MORE AND ARIEL IS SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT
  • me:*thinks about all the things I have to do*
  • me:I need to lie down
  • me:goodnight
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mygifs mine naruto uzumaki Minato Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto namikaze minato uzumaki family perfect family minamigif narutographic narutoall father and son stuff tbh i am crying so hard right now as i type this because minato is such a beautiul manin every sense of the word truly it hurts but it is also something that makes him be such a beautiful character i mean since the beginning it was minato's role to be the one who saved the village sacrificing himself and his family's future ;;; you know it hurts that many ppl ignore this and say hes a bad dad he had to make the ultimate decision;; do people even remember what it takes to be a leader?? you gotta make sacrifices;; big ones for the village;; if minato had taken another choice like sacrificing the village or kushina to die him and naruto would possibly suffer more; there really wasnt a choice that could be one better than this even tho naruto suffered look at him now; not to be harsh or anything but naruto wouldn't be naruto without the nine tails and most of his power comes from it... minato precisely sacrificed himself and kushina for that sole purpose and it turned out as he expected and i mean he didnt really had no choice this is the plot kishi chose and like people do forget that trying to say he should have done this and that but no that's not really it call him whatever but definitely not a bad father because he isn't one being the leader of a village means swearing to be responsible for everyone; protect no matter what don't forget he didn't only saved naruto in life  and in death from falling to the kyuubi and also kushina could help him too so really idk i just know he's beautiful i love minato so very much;;;;
Dove subversive photoshop ‘app’ Four for you D...
famous or not people need to start actually learning the real definition of feminism before they go against the whole idea
me:*hangs out with someone for 3 hours* me: oh hey, I just remembered I have to tell you something me internally: that was a lie. I’ve been wanting to tell you all day but I’ve been too nervous to just say it so I’ve been mentally rehearsing for hours and
Today in my nerd class my teacher casually mentioned that Jotunheim is an actual place in Norway, and I dropped my pen and stopped breathing briefly. Looked it up: it’s real. Jotunheimen National Park.   Actual Fucking Jotunheim LOOK ME IN THE EYE AND TELL ME THAT ISN’T A JOTUN THAT CAUGHT THE SU...
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borderlands blart we just dont know tales from the borderlands allart rhys the company man tftbl rhys tftblart will i ever put effort into a drawing again anyway the fuzzy socks im wearing have been through so much theyre not even fuzzy anymore theyre kinda matted and sad ive had them for so many years i cant believe it
gif mine i cant boys kissing The LA Complex Andra Fuller kaldrick king Tariq and then i wanted to kill myself.. HIS FUCKING TORTURED FACE WHEN HES HITTING HIM I CANT DEAL Tariq Muhammad Benjamin Charles Watson OTP: just us oh god i dont even know if i can have otp anymore because this literally breaks my heart out and breaks it into millions of pieces
edit idk exo Luhan Minseok xiumin xiuhan it's so hard for me because first fanxing and then xiuhan... i want to keep running this blog but i dont know if i can do it
so if the new inside out trailer shows the (female) mom’s emotions like this:and the (male) dad’s emotions like this:then im kind of wondering what conclusion we’re supposed to draw from this:
seriously though you don't know shit about my life
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My art sob Sorry for all the RANDOM FANART I WILL BE DONE AFTER THIS WEEK HOPEFULLY i\actually idk if i should post all the stuff that im printing but posting motivates me a lit ltle what is my style anuymore it's getitng so messy i need to be cleaner
cockatiel Signal Boost pepper i don't know what happened please please please help please spread this i am absolutely beside myself at the moment i'm using a different funding site because i know gofundme has done some shady stuff i would really appreciate even just reblogging this if you donate any amount i will send you a card even internationally any amount helps he was totally fine and playful last night now he's like a different bird and I'm so worried pepper's vet visit
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