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I knew what art is when I saw her. ???? ?? ?? ???? ??? ??????.
Damn, I’m so into you.
Quiet lips, busy minds.
From the very start.. I was so into you
انت الـ”لا احد” الذي كلما سألني شخص بما تفكر؟ اُجيب، لا احد. You’re the “no one” that whenever anyone asks what are you thinking about? I an...
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Bold whats true about you You just learned a bit about me:I am a cuddler.I am a (after coffee) morning person. I am an only child.I am currently in my pajamas. I am currently pregnant. I am left handed.l am right handed I am ambidextrousI am a little (a lot) shy around the opposite gender. I bite m...
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On the Outside:  - Name: Carolina- Eye Color: dark brown- Hair Style/color: brown and extremely curly- Height: 5’2”- Clothing style: casual- Best physical feature: none  On The Inside: - Your fears: failure, spiders, rejection - Your guilty pleasure: bad TV- Ambitions for the future: Writer/ha...
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name: raechelle nickname: big gay baby favourite flower: daisy favourite fruit: strawberries favourite ice-cream flavour: mint chocolate chip favourite passtime: cooking day or night: night chocolate or vanilla: chocolate how do you take you coffee/tea: two milk two sugar is the way to go zodiac si...
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Name:  Angela Nickname: Annie, Yumba Height:  5.8 Relationship status:  Single  Birthday: March 4th Favorite colour: Blue & Red Favorite singer/band: Catherine Feeny Last song listened: 99 Probelms- Hugo Last movie watched: Les Mis Favorite book:  Jane Eyre Last book read: The Fault in Our Stars...
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