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bioshock cw: child abuse cw: death cw: blood cw: gore mahariedits yi suchong cw: physical abuse just covering all my bases here
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“but fibromyalgia isn’t real!”brain scan showing the difference in brain activity between a fibromyalgia patient compared to a healthy individual.“Fibromyalgia is a fake disease. It is used by people who want attention, are lazy, and want to get high on pain pills.” A shunt from a fibromyalgia patie...
Start by pulling him out of the fire and hoping that he will forget the smell. He was supposed to be an angel but they took him from that l...
1k parallels sam winchester *gifs s8 scenes samedit spnedit S10 cw: blood cw: needles spnsamwinchester 8.23 cw: self harm character: dean character: crowley cw: cutting I booked the hell tour 10.19 **ela spnrowena character: rowena cw: suicidal ideation
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* *gif edward elric Winry Rockbell Fullmetal Alchemist fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood FMA: Brotherhood ch: edward elric blood cw fmaedit injuries cw ch: winry rockbell scopophobia cw episode64 stabbing cw episode23 episdoe39 episode41 i will give you everything i have to give
1k video games epilepsy warning lilith borderlands borderlands 2 long post [4] blood cw Borderlandsedit guns cw gore cw captainscarletts explosions cw look cara i made a thing a shitty thing but a thing nonetheless
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cw: blood cw: needles that's a thing right? cw: horror mahariedits cw: insects Until Dawn also uhh idk tell me if u need me to tag things
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1k ** Shameless Shameless US blood cw shamelessedit Violence cw
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