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all boobs are good boobs all stomachs are good stomachs all thighs are good thighs  all bodies are good bodies yes yours, too, and don’t you forget it
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We’re damn lucky to have our bodies, these strange, multi-functional machines, that let us leave our legacy on the planet. I hope you realis...
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Being body positive doesn’t mean you have to find every body type attractive. It’s okay to not find thin girls attractive, or only be attracted to meaty boys. It’s also okay to not find fat girls attractive, or to only be attracted to skinny boys. Or anything in between! Just as lo...
friendly reminder that body positivity is not just about curvy cisgendered able-bodied pale women with flawless skin
Fetishes are literally viewed as fake forms of attraction. The fetish concept is used to delegitimatize attraction to any and all bodies tha...
Reduce cellulite. Be gone dry skin. Vanish unwanted facial hair. Diminish stretch marks. Fade age spots. Eliminate feminine odor. Lose weigh...
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Anti-fatness is humiliating. It makes strangers hate you. It makes people that you don’t know feel as though they’re allowed to tell your their opinions about what goes in and on your body. When you’re a fat woman and walk into a store, a sales clerk will automatically walk up to y...
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You are not a pear, you are not an hourglass, you are not an apple; you are a human being, with bumps and crevices and scars. You are a million shapes rolled into one. You are a universe within yourself. You are a human being, and you are magnificent.