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Pare de chorar e enxugue essas lágrimas. É hora de voltar a luta novamente. A vida é cheia de surpresas.
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fangirling is painful and i mean literally. you know that feel when you just want to explode and scream and climb the walls and lick everything but you can’t cuz you’d look like an idiot and it is all just bottled up inside you and you wanna explode but you physically cant and it hurts
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bon jovi palavras não podem dizer o que um amor pode fazer
My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark is the 2nd biggest rock song of 2013 and The Phoenix is the 4th I’m so proud
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Lo que daría por correr mis dedos por tu pelo, tocar tus labios y tenerte cerca.
  • Jimmy Page:oh shit what if the cops come to help and they find the teenage girls
  • Jon Bon Jovi:before I fix this I'll go see if there's any other people who need help with their cars first.
  • Dave Grohl:nuuuuuuuhhhhh car, I was in fucking Nirvana *sassily puts hands on hips*
  • Axl Rose:where do go now where do go oh oh where do we go now now now now now now
  • Sebastian Bach:PHOTO OP TYME GURL *takes 300 pictures of self posing by car*
  • Vince Neil:*passed out drunk in car*
  • Dave Mustaine:this is obamas fault
  • ...
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Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi, and Prince William sing ‘Livi...
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