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The Legend of Korra is back with new episodes every Friday on Nick.com and the Nick app! Here is the Book 4 trailer Bryan and I personally oversaw. This being the final season, w...
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Legend of Korra Book 4 trailer
Hinata's Data Book 4 Profile
I finally finished translating this! Thanks to Roja on NF for scanning the pages. Hyuuga HinataRank: ChuuninChakra Nature: Fire, LightningHeading: Because I love you, Naruto-kun… Main paragraph: There is a girl who embodies the ever-unchanging truth that “a maiden in love is strong.” Her name is H...
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Now I am stoked with the Korra ending but I gotta be honest I had a moment It was like oooooh this looks very similar to Aang standing away from the party just before hooking up with Katara Yes this is the same set up, thematically whoever walks up now should be her love interest, who are they go...
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Why Korra's visiting so many places
Since the trailer came out I’ve been trying to figure out why Korra’s going to so many places we’ve seen before and after a while I think I have a decent theory. Korra’s still struggling to recover from her ordeal with Zaheer and the Red Lotus, that’s evident through he...
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Kuvira Raving
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mako said “coronation” but I literally heard “korranation”
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"Kuvira is just like Korra—" I’M CRYING AHSKDJFHAHAHAHAHAHA
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