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Books are no more threatened by Kindle, than stairs by elevators.
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Book List of Book Lists
We make a lot of young adult book lists at STACKED, and I know how useful they are for collection development and reader’s advisory purposes. They’re useful enough for me when I write them or read the ones Kimberly’s written. So I thought I’d make a list of some of our book lists, for those who are ...
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Being A Book Nerd
If you see someone wearing the same shoes as you: If you see someone reading the same book as you:
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  • Me:*reading*
  • Me:wait. what.
  • Me:what the hell
  • Me:Book...no.
  • Me:NO, book. NO!
  • Me:*sobbing*
  • Me:whyyyyyy
  • Me:*throws book*
  • ...
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