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James Potter in the books vs James Potter in the movies
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone - BOOK Dumbledore: This one time, Harry, your father saved Snape’s life. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone - MOVIE *no mention of such event* Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - BOOK Sirius: Harry, I did this really douchey thi...
  • Movie watchers:Oh my god! I'm so excited for Part Two and a hopefully happy ending for everyone!
  • Book readers:*screams of agony because they KNOW*
Harry Potter
the books: dark themes the movies: slightly less dark themes a very potter musical: ‘oh look voldemort’s tap dancing’
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When that one plot twist happens, that you kinda knew was coming, but you still really didn’t want it to happen:
The Soska sisters, a pair of female directors were announced to be helming a brand-new “Painkiller Jane” movie, based on the comic book about a bisexual superpowered co...
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The way I feel about him is like a heartbeat – soft and persistent, underlying everything.
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So, yes, for the fucking love of God, movies matter. TV shows matter. Novels matter. They shape the lens through which you see the world. Th...
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