• borderlands Deadpoolian handsome jack Borderlandsedit *borderlands gamingedit the pre sequel borderlands spoiler finished the game! was pretty good for a side game made by another studio although i'm 5000 times more excited for tales from the borderlands •
homestuck Dave Strider John Egbert Derse game Sort of... Why Derse? Why not. Arzenic
* maya Salvador borderlands borderlands 2 *bl Zer0 Axton
* game of thrones asoiaf red wedding got spoilers gotedit i updated this for tdr and figured i would share because TODAY'S THE DAYYYY i don't know if i'm more excited for the show or people's reactions tdr rp
MY EDIT ALL OF THEM maya Salvador borderlands borderlands 2 Zer0 Axton precious angels
television 1kplus game of thrones so asoiaf graphics* since i'ver never properly contributed to this show via photoshop i thought i'd do it now and dont ask me how bad i felt when i made this because i was supposed to be studying in those hours AND GOD I WAS LITERALLY CRYING BECAUSE SO MUCH SHIT HAS GONE DOWN SINCE THE PILOT AND SO MUCH MORE WILL IN THE FUTURE plus i was listening to oblivian by bastille on repeat so there was background music for my tearful episodes and no i am not tagging everyone i like the 2nd more more bc i made it first so its more pretty
gaming borderlands
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shh emily i edited out ur tag because it was a spoiler making the same joke that other people have already made 100 times GO
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gaming portal made by me valve GlaDOS portal 2 steam Chell GLaDOS bout to get bitchin up in here so i finished the game and it was awesome so i made this
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ugh game of thrones l o l emilia clarke daenerys targaryen *1k rakharo elyes gabel photosets: made by ellyceandra lol idgi ARE THEY TRYING TO MAKE ME SHIP EVERYONE WITH EVERYONE? although I am more struck by Rakharo's eyeliner also how loyal he is to her and THIS MOMENT crying tears of teary tears AND I WAS IN THE BATH Dany and Rakharo
tangled disney Flynn Rider 13 Admit: You have a crush on him
homestuck John Egbert cosplay my cosplay 413 ok i'm done now cheese3d a famous jordan once said 413 yolo THIS IS STUPID WHATEVER OLLIES INTO THE SUN also apologies I can't edit for shit WHATEVER YOLO 413 TXT IT