• bored •
sherlock sherlock holmes catlock tea's art tea's animation BORED BORED BORED BORED BORED
One Direction bored yk guys Im bored titanic is loading psyk edityk 1ky
me A bored send me a number send i'm i'm bored number
Asking Alexandria AA bored ok pbyme Run Free im reaaally bored
doctor who amy pond mine Picspam amelia pond I got bored dwedit like rly bored
i will have sex with the next person who messages me
1 bored
I got bored
One Direction * 1000 bored
Every reblog this gets I’ll draw a satanic symbol on my arm in sharpie
I got bored
                                                harry potter                                           harry potter                                       harry potter                                  harry potter                               harry potter                          harry potter       ...
edits bored
if i ever saw harry and grimmy walking in the street id be like can i have a picture? and harry will say “ok” and ill be like “i mean with grimmy” and grimmy will make fun of harry styles for the rest of his life
i want my last words to be im going ghost
i like watching romantic comedies and stuff like that with girls because then they get all cute and cuddly and watching scary movies because they get scared and squeeze my hand and bury theyre eyes in my chest but most of all i like watching documentaries bc then they get bored and start to doze off...
  sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy           sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy                              sexy           sexy                         sexy                              sexy           sexy                            sexy                                  sexy           sexy                           ...
ass                 ass ass ass ass    ass              ass    ass    ass ass ass ass ass                 ass              ass    ass              ass    ass    ass ass                 ass              ass    ass              ass    ass    ass ass ass ass ass                 ass              ass    ...
girl phone bored