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face eyes r edited but can u imagine if they actually had blue lenses this vivid on brown eyes that wud be a game changer also im wearin a wig
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giveaway My art spn neven-ebrez god'n'gabe i've been snuggling with 50k for a while here so i figured it's been a long time since i've held one of these! ZERBE PUSHED IT THO BLESS HER
My art s aaaaaah my comics Miraculous Ladybug long post sorry THESE TWO ARE GONNA KILL ME ladynoir adrinette ladrien Marichat ML safe haven the Dupain Chengs will alway be perfect to reference Mulan leave me alone i wanna draw all the thing also i like the hc that Gabriel appreciates/approves of Marinette for his son because he can see the potential of the girl to get into the fashion industry and being a good asset/influence on his son and whatever fancy pants event they are invited to bracelet au