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Glee 4x04 Promo - The Break up
Pearl Jam  Ten
“Black” by Pearl Jam
But what if The Break-Up ended like this:
Blaine walked into the choir room, fiddling with the strap on his bag, eyes glued to the floor. Almost the entirety of glee club jumped up on his feet and ran over to him.  “Blaine!” Artie said. “What the hell happened?” “We heard that Finn and Rachel broke up,” T...
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Chris Colfer Opens Up About "The Break-Up"
No matter which ‘ship you sail on, Glee’s gail-force break-up episode left everyone’s hearts bruised, battered and gasping for air. Finchel is no more, Brittana is dunzo and Wemma’s future is uncertain. But Klaine took the biggest hit of all after Blaine admitted to cheating ...
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