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gif Sebastian Stan Captain America: The First Avenger by Lucy sstanedit
landscape architecture 1 America glass bridge vertical plasmatics
~ mine mary for ts i just finished brooklyn 99 :3
comedy comics Noelle Stevenson female leads lumberjanes grace ellis comixologist recommends boom! box
photography art landscape Photo Manipulation Victoria Siemer Witchoria
*** Captain America Chris Evans Steve Rogers get it bucky barnes Sebastian Stan Captain America: The First Avenger hahahHAHAH KILL ME buT THAT SECOND TO LAST ONE IS ON MY MY FAV MOMENTS AND NO ONE EVER GIFS IT AND YES IM USING TWS QUOTES EVEN THO IT HAS NONE OF CAP2 IN IT otp: i'm with you til the end of the line dammit i spelt till wrong in my otp tag ill fix the other posts later I PUT LITTLE STARS and i made it all b&w cause i cant color that movie to save my life thIS IS REALLY UGLY IM SO SORRY
1k *mine Captain America Steve Rogers 500 bucky barnes Captain America: The First Avenger winter soldier Captain America: The Winter Soldier not without you cap 2 spoilers ca: tws spoilers just a kid from brooklyn (SUCH A SPOILER I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY PUT IT IN A FUCKING TRAILER) anyway i'm sure this has been done fifty million times now but i can't stop thinking about all the great parallels throughout the movie someone find me good meta WAIT SIDEBAR: I WILL NEVER GET OVER THE BLOOD ON BUCKY'S LEFT ARM FUCKING DETAILS
Real nigga shit rns
gifs* The Avengers Captain America Steve Rogers marveledit gtkm shieldnetwork
*request brooklyn nine nine jake peralta *b99 anon this basically took a week i am so sorry i've been mostly busy with moving and stuff but i'm finally more or less done but this was /seriously/ an adorable idea :') i ended up putting two jamy moments i am weak sorry again and thank you nikki!!! ameliassantiago
cat animals cats kitten animal help new york new york city kittens brooklyn Please reblog vegan veganism animal rights animal welfare baby animals Manhattan Signal Boost vegetarian queens cute animals bronx please help Animal Rescue Vegetarianism animal adoption animal activism
spoilers by me how i met your mother himym still mad at this ridiculous finale glad Bridget got me into Brooklyn Nine Nine going to watch more episodes now :)
Andy Samberg myuploads brooklyn 99 jake peralta captain holt
contemporary art digital photography photomanipulation artists on tumblr tu recepcja cross-connect Victoria Siemer Witchoria
1k * request 1x01 brooklyn nine nine amy santiago jake peralta jake x amy b99edit
1k ~ ** 5k Captain America Steve Rogers bucky barnes gif: film winter soldier steve x bucky film: captain america
brooklyn Bianca Raquel @thebiancaraquel
** brooklyn nine nine andre braugher captain holt ray holt
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