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1k brothers conflict hinata ema she's really cute when she's wearing her apron i just had to make this kouta!gifs! brocon!gifs!
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Writing Fanfiction
*gets a really cool story idea* *plans it out over a few days* *is ready to write* Me: … Fanfic: The
vanillishx brothers conflict broconedit i just realize wataru look like he has heterochromia
yaoi, yaoi everywhere
Strenger: Why do you watch this anime for teenage girls?  Me: Free! - Because of all of the cute gay boys. Utapri - Because of all of the cute gay boys. Kamigami no Asobi - Because of all of the cute gay boys. Haikyuu!! -  Because of all of the cute gay boys. Durarara!! - Because of all of th...
Classmate: You like anime? Gosh, why everybody loves this stupid thing?!?  Me:  I JUST  REALLY LIKE THE GOOD TOUGHTFUL STORIES AND DEEP EMOTIONS … … … (And hot bishes - muttering to myself)
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