• brotp tbh •
mine klaine kurt hummel blaine anderson ha ~~BFFS ~~ my brotp tbh
mine lord of the rings LOTR gimli The Return of The King legolas lotrgifs BIGGEST BROTP IN THE HISTORY OF LOTR AND OF ENTIRE TUMBLR TBH
1k 1x06 mystuff brotp spoiler alert aaron tveit graceland mike warren gracelandtv manny montana mine: graceland Johnny Tuturro graceland tv gracelandedit best part of the episode tbh
mine omfg brotp hehe Fairy Tail Erza Scarlet ft erza Mirajane mirajane strauss FTmine ftcoloring ftall oh my god i love them thank you mashima thank you so much precious brotp tbh i've waited so long aaaaaa me and dena i love doing pink edits also mhh it took a while but it looks decent i guess
kingdom hearts sora brotp riku edits:mine challenges:kh khechallenge there is no consistency with the coloring but tbh idc i have a lot of feelings ; __ ;
1k instagram aubrey plaza Anna Kendrick someone help me brotp tbh side-eyeing you all
mine 1000 actual light of my life late night with seth meyers real life hero adorable man alert credit cardgate still the best thing ever tbh brotp: bitches get stuff done
mine cuties my drunk kitchen Tyler Oakley Hannah Hart MDK brotp tbh auguest idk i like how the colouring of the gif turned out :) also hii im back y'all dick-tators hanler
mypost Matty 1975 the 1975 brotp tbh george daniel Matt Healy matthew healy matty healy healy 1975 band the 1975 band
1k parks and recreation leslie knope ann perkins *parks ann x leslie parksedit the moving stuff thingy yeah brotp: perfect sunflower friendship goals tbh
mine idk levi snk shingeki no kyojin AOT attack on titan eren jaeger brotp tbh snkgif eren snkgraphic snkgraphics levi ackerman
1k * doctor who Donna Noble ten Ten x Donna dwedit brotp: the doctordonna ugh this is awful coloring but this scene is so funny i had to i'm donna tbh also look at me!! giffing rtd era!!!! woooow!!!!!
im tired of all these askmemes being for otps tbh
so leave a brotp/platonic ship in my ask and i’ll tell you:who steals french fries off the other’s platewho jokingly moves in for the kiss when someone asks if they’re a couplewho has to bust or bail the other out of jailwho gives the other advice/comfort about dating issueswho sha...
1k gifs new girl Nick Miller Schmidt tbh *ng Jake Johnson favorite character meme ngedits new girl cast *nick brotp: you're the turtle brotp of all brotps *schmidt honeslty i get so many feels over them when i'm not dying of ness feels i'm dying of nick/schmidt feels
mine the amazing spider-man TASM they are so cute tasm2 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 tasmedit the amazing spider man 2 tasm2edit tasm2spoilers brotp of the movie tbh besides peter and harry the one really sad scene w/ them i was crying bc jfkdls;afkldsa and whenever she said uncle ben i was like dont aunt may i love u baby girl
1k the vampire diaries caroline forbes Enzo who knows tvd gifs worth the queue; probably sleeping tbh carenzo carenzo** caroline x enzo these two are making tvd more enjoyable brotp or something more i'm down with both but KC is endgame bby should i make a tag for carenzo edits or
mygifs hp à moi hpedit Epic BROMANCE ollivanders challenge simplypotterheads week 8 Don't look at me I'm very emotional. If you don't think this relationship is the most important of the series don't even look at me tbh.
amy pond karen gillan matt smith mine 1k* dw* dwedit brotp: fish fingers and custard tbh i just wanted to use this coloring since i made the icon with it it didnt save as well in gif form as it did for the icon but whatevs amy's hair looks so good
mine robert downey jr edits* rdjedit marko marvelcastedit brotp: we'll take care of each other why do i care so much about their friendhsip smh ('care' is an understatement tbh) (obsessed is more like it)