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Imagine all of the other Avengers frantically trying to stop Bruce from downloading flappy bird
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Everyone points out that Robert Downey Jr basically IS Tony Stark, but the same can be said for Mark Ruffalo who basically IS Bruce Banner. I mean- Seriously- Basically- It’s pretty obvious- That he-  IS Bruce Banner.
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Let us all reflect on the fact that in the real world, we are Bruce Banner.
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Imagine if this was real......
…………….. This can’t be real….He couldn’t have found out……..Hehehe……Abort! Abort! Abort! Fandom Disperse! He had found us!!!!! (p.s. I am aware that this is a fake. For those of you who do not I am sorry for the mini mind fuck...
  • Bruce:But I could kill you all and I wouldn't even be able to control myself-
  • Tony:BFF
  • Bruce:You're not getting the severity of the situation-
  • Tony:BEST
  • Bruce:Mr. Stark you have to-
  • Tony:FRIENDS
  • Bruce:Tony-
  • ...
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