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Bts reaction to you asking them to be rougher
How would bts react to you asking them to be rougher in bed? xoxo xoxo Here you go~~Jin: How’s this for rough them?? Suga: You have no idea what you’ve started here baby Jhope: You sure about that baby? You think you can handle it?Namjoon: You have no idea what you’re asking but okay jagi I’ll sh...
on a scale of namjoon cutting onions to namjoon answering a math question how good are you at life
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[TRANS] BTS FESTA 2014 - "My BTS Profile Written By Me" - Jimin
"I promise to only write the truth" Name: Park Jimin Hometown: Busan Greeting: ”Hello. I’m Jimin.” In charge of: Dance, vocals Blood Type: A Birthday: 95.10.13 Favorite Nickname: Meotjaengi (T/N: someone who’s cool) Body size: 315 cm, 61 kg Specialty: Eye smile Hobby (is)...
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[TRANS] BTS FESTA 2014 - "My BTS Profile Written By Me" - Jeongguk
"I promise to only write the truth" Name: Jeon Jeongguk Hometown: Busan Greeting: ”Hello. I’m BTS’ Jeongguk.” In charge of: Vocals, maknae, dancing Blood Type: A Birthday: 970901 Favorite Nickname: Jeonjeonggukie Body size: 178 cm, 69 kg Specialty: Dancing, singing Hobby ...
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[TRANS] BTS FESTA 2014 - "My BTS Profile Written By Me" - V
"I promise to only write the truth" Real name: Kim Taehyung Hometown: Daegu Greeting: “Hello, I’m Kim Taehyung. It’s nice to meet you” In charge of: Vocals Blood Type: AB Birthday: December 30th, 1995 Favorite Nickname: Taetae, Rabong (acronym for the best at lying) Body size...
[TRANS] BTS FESTA 2014 - "My BTS Profile Written By Me" - Suga
"I promise to only write the truth" Name: Min Suga Hometown: Daegu Greeting: “Hi.” In charge of: Rap Blood Type: O Birthday: 1993.03.09 Favorite Nickname: Min PD Body size: 176 cm, 58 kg Specialty: Rap, writing, composing, and arranging songs Hobby: Basketball, taking pictures Habits...
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me: I am too young to be having an existential crisis nothing seems to be going right these days what am I doing with my life yoongi: step harder, kid me: u rite
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