1k mine game of thrones asoiaf mine: got gotedit idk how to tag gotsansastark gotdaenerystargaryen gotoberynmartell this ended up more boring than i wanted it to be meh buT GOT IN 3 DAYS WUUHUU
“youre not a real fan unless you were here from the beginning” yeah well sorry that i literally turned 4 on the day take this to your grave came out
1k my gifs mine 5k 2k game of thrones 4k 500 Cersei Lannister GoT Season 1 GoT Season 2 mine: got my gifs: got got s2 gotedit got s3 got season 3 got s1 request* gotcerseilannister got season 4 got s4 i hope you like it! the one in the center is not particularly badass but she looks so beautiful and powerful i coulnd't resist!
baby jgifs got daenerys targaryen gotgif gotedit gotdaenerystargaryen I had this idea in mind since 3 days
mine:gif Fallout fallout 3 30daysofvg mine: fallout man this question is fucking weird who the hell starts a game thinking 'ooh i won't probably LIKE this' like jfc how much spare time do you have?? i thought i would only *like* F3 instead i played for 10 h and got so carried away that i scared myself a bit so yeah love this game wanna be in this game no not really but WOW mhmm have you ever danced with the queue in the pale moonlight?
mine Teen Wolf Dylan O'Brien stiles stilinski Tyler Posey Scott McCall s: teen wolf can we also talk about how scott got that riddle in like 3 seconds i would be sitting in that vet clinic for three days before i googled it
1k tom hiddleston Chris Hemsworth hiddles edits [1] weh tumblr is acting up but i'll publish this anyway because it's been in my drafts for 3 days now
mine 15k Anna Kendrick TIFF 17k 13k 14k 16k Toronto International Film Festival i need better friends akendrickedit meh i'm bored i wanted to go to the movies but no one wants to go with me because going to the movies 3 days in a row is 'excessive' apparently
1k exo EXO-K Kai exo k kim jongin jongin gifs:exo sexy kai wowww his adam's apple gifs:all wuuhuu~~
mystuff oops mass effect commander shepard mass effect 3 i did this in the week while my internet was off i had the caps saved but idk where i got them from
mine jeremy miles im so sorry Miles Luna burnie burns burnie funhaus adam kovic jeremy dooley IM SO SORRY IVE HAD THIS IDEA IN MY HEAD FOR LIKE 3 DAYS BUT HONESTLY
1k Teen Wolf daniel sharman max carver wolfsbane 2 wb2 mine: wolfsbane2 they were having a little cuddle cause max was tired i just :'3 holy crap this got to 1000+ notes in 2 DAYS?!?! i have so many more photos of these two i should post them asap aha
1k $ arrow arrowedit olicity olicityedit olicitysquee crappy but i haven't giffed olicity in like four days lol too long
funny comic Sketch doodle nose Steven gem jasper SU got your nose steven universe big buff cheeto puff
do . do y ou mean. this toadand, this possumbecause this whole thing got wildly out of hand and if thats not what you meant i dont kno w what to tell you becausePLACE YOUR BETS
beforeandafter transformationtuesday weightrestored
reference dragon age headcanons Dragon Age Origins thedas thedas map i would say i have too much time on my hands but i really don't i just use it very unwisely all of these are fair-weather travel times btw places of thedas da travel
Tokyo Ghoul chipchopdraws lm ao lays down and dies ghouL/HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS GOT ME LIKE [DIES IN A PIT i got into th is thing like 3 years late but im here and im ready to die