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~ comics Marvel buckynat bucky x natasha comicedit i actually finished this -pats on back-
#it is not a true otp unless they have tried to kill each other at least once
Captain America ^ Marvel Natasha Romanoff bucky barnes *other buckynat marveledit you cannot tell me that these aren't hints
* 5k gif* Natasha Romanoff bucky barnes buckynat marvel* thebuckynatnet farmerboyclint bckynats buckynat:mine [CHANTS LOUDLY] BUCKYNAT BUCKYNAT BUCKYNAT
  • Laura Barton:So, Nat and Doctor Banner...how long has that been going on?
  • Me:IT LITERALLY HASN'T. IT HASN'T BEEN GOING ON. It came out of no where. What dis
bucky and natasha whispering in russian behind steve’s back steve gets really flustered that he doesn’t know what they’re saying but mostly it’s just stupid stuff like "natalia if you grab his butt i’ll give you $20"
by me Marvel Natasha Romanoff bucky barnes natasha romanova long post buckynat marveledit *marvel OTP: She never fails to amaze me buckynat week *buckynat
mygifs myedit bucky barnes Sebastian Stan The Winter Soldier buckynat sebstanedit winter widow
1k mine: edits buckynat marveledit thisisrealitsreal otp: buckynat richardgecko buckynatashas not easy to color! also has this been done yet i'm late with the trailers lol
Fanart doodle Marvel Natasha Romanoff bucky barnes buckynat temariart
Dear talented writers who use their talent to write fan fiction, thank you
Canon Marvel Comic Relationships That May Be Canon MCU Relationships In The Future And That You Should All Know Are Canon Before You Bash Shippers And Characters/Actors/Actresses:Bucky Barnes/Natasha RomanoffSharon Carter/Steve RogersWanda Maximoff/The VisionPlease do add on if you feel you need to
gif * mystuff The Winter Soldier buckynat marveledit mcuedit blackwidowedit catwsedit buckybarnesedit
gif 1k buckynat marveledit bucky x natasha buckynatedit userbuckynat userkylos buckynatashas*
I love this gif because it’s basically everyone, including herself, appreciating how pretty Scarlett Johansson is   she is gorgeous and she knows it.
  • steve:bucky no
  • bucky:bucky yes
  • sam:bucky no
  • bucky:bucky yes
  • fury:bucky no
  • bucky:bucky yes
  • natasha:
  • bucky:bucky no