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gif 1k buckynat marveledit bucky x natasha buckynatedit userbuckynat userkylos buckynatashas*
* Steve Rogers gif* Natasha Romanoff bucky barnes LAUGH TAG marvel* crack* farmerboyclint stripperleepace buckynatashas rhaenyratargaryens aimee inspiring me 2 do these things
* 5k Rosario Dawson !!!!!!! edit:mine marvelcastedit oberynmartells daredeviledit buckynatashas T HE UNDE RCUT I G2G
* gif* marveledit buckynatashas userbuckynat emilyblunts tomshardy
* michaelfassbender marveledit buckynatashas maxsrockatansky i didn't include pietro bc he dead
* gif* Sebastian Stan sebstanedit just fuck me up buckynatashas maxsrockatansky ssantanico
* 10k vision gif:mine marveledit age of ultron marvel* aou spoilers aouedit aarontaylorjohnson farmerboyclint buckynatashas
1k mystuff Chris Evans evansedit winterwldow buckynatashas barnesrogers this is actually REALLY really good advice your brain's a very noisy place is so true
gifs my stuff Tom Hardy Mad Max THIS IS SO UGLY IM SORRY kinginthenorths buckynatashas madmaxedit
1k my gifs mine 5k Marvel Daredevil marveledit ddedit daredeviledit rubertkazinsky vislon andydywers nolanfincher buckynatashas help :'(
1k mine: edits buckynat marveledit thisisrealitsreal otp: buckynat richardgecko buckynatashas not easy to color! also has this been done yet i'm late with the trailers lol
1k mystuff Steve Rogers marveledit buckynatashas barnesrogers grootmorning how do you guys color aou bc i can not its awful lol this is my 12 hours late to the party contribution
1k mine The Avengers Natasha Romanoff Iron Man 2 avengersedit Captain America: The Winter Soldier marveledit avengers: age of ultron mov: the avengers blackwidowedit mov: captain america the winter soldier mov: iron man 2 mov: avengers age of ultron buckynatashas thank you aimee for the follow forever and so sorry for being so incredibly late with your gifset
* gifs Marvel Natasha Romanoff bucky barnes buckynat marveledit buckynatashas jaredsleto userbuckynat OH MY GOD SAMI I DID IT I DID IT FINALLY im so trash suddenly this feels so good tbh okay so this is the first time they fight like the way in the comics oh ym god
1k my gifs mine jason momoa gotcastedit look at dem arms dccastedit richardgecko buckynatashas this was just a shameless thirst post ok 2 hot hot damn
mine Charlie Cox Daredevil *edits *1k farmerboyclint buckynatashas charliecoxedit charlietcox
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