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When you’re at your fav’s concert
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bts 5k jimin park jimin Bangtan Bangtan Boys Bulletproof Boy Scouts rap monster rap mon minjoon BTS jimin bangtan sonyeondan BTS Rap Monster bts funny when you try to be the aggressive one but you're too short lmao jimin it's ok bts rap mon
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The closet door closes...
I recently saw a video (I don’t have a link, I don’t know where it came from) of the boys outside a photo shoot on 8 August 2011.These “bulletproof weeks” are my favorite era, because I think it was the last time we saw them truly relaxed and natural. Here are a couple of screen caps from the video....
Bts reaction to you asking them to be rougher
How would bts react to you asking them to be rougher in bed? xoxo xoxo Here you go~~Jin: How’s this for rough them?? Suga: You have no idea what you’ve started here baby Jhope: You sure about that baby? You think you can handle it?Namjoon: You have no idea what you’re asking but okay jagi I’ll sh...
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i really love bts’ new concept and choreo for this comeback
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I feel it’s the ultimate insult to be on the receiving end o...
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fic: they take their shots but we’re bulletproof
The 100, Clarke/Lexa, R, 9.5k words“Our winters are harsh,” Lexa tells her. “You must have adequate shelter to survive them.”“I survived you,” Clarke says lowly. “I’ll survive anything.”read @ ao3
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