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Have you ever thought just how amazing it is that out of all the thousands of people at that Script concert both Harry and Louis were there. And then out of the thousands of people using that same bathroom Harry and Louis somehow met there, to then both of them be put in the same band out of all the...
Paul Dini Tells Kevin Smith about Hollywood's Fear of Girl Cooties
And to think just earlier this week you had the New York Times calling Hollywood about their long time claims about not being able to lead movies. And now you have a big name comic and animated creator telling us exactly what Hollywood thinks of girls when it comes to shows targeted at kids. Paul Di...
  I cant with how hot Lou looks lately. How does Harry contain himself? If I were him the kid would be pinned to the wall by now…
My intentions were not to come off as racist, so nothing I do is racist. Ever. Because I have a black friend.
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plot twist: Cole Sprouse’s Tumblr is actually being run by Dylan
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Reblog if you plan on doing your best to stick around during the big 1D drought of 2016—2017..
Odeio a forma que você me perde e me ganha assim tão fácil.